My name is Zach Kaiser. I am an educator, designer, artist, scholar, and DJ. My work is united not by a subject, genre, or medium, but rather by a methodology of sampling and mixing that serves as a catalyst for a praxis of trans-disciplinary interventions. This methodology informs both my professional work as well as my creative practice and scholarship. Sampling from the languages of graphic design, interaction design, experience design, speculative design, and music-making, my work ranges from the design of digital research tools and services for high school students to physical products intended to subvert the influence of algorithmic inference on our lives.

My scholarship leverages this methodology in order to develop new approaches to the intersection of design, computation, and learning experiences. The interdisciplinary nature of my research has enabled me to present at conferences on topics ranging from systems thinking to hip-hop and social responsibility. My graduate thesis work describes a methodology for learning based on DJing, and my work is both an exploration of the utilization of this methodology as well as a manifestation of it. The learning experiences and technologies that I design aim to facilitate serendipitous experiences of sampling and mixing, creating the conditions under which users can find new meaning through connection-making.

Through my research and my work, I hope to create experiences that address the increasing complexity and connectedness of our world in order to generate meaning and learning that goes beyond machine readability—meaning that is truly human readable.